Eye Care: The Latest Development for our Eyes

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When it comes to our eyes, much care is often taken in order to protect it. After all, it is the chief sensory organ that you go by with around the world everyday thus, for some it is important to know the latest eye care trends that they can follow in order to keep their visual jewels sparkling as always.

smart contact lense - eye care fashion

One of the latest of these trends is the development of liquid based lenses for eye surgery and contact lenses. These basically have the same effects as plastic or glass lenses that are currently being used for treating eye problems. However, unlike conventional ones, liquid lenses offer a lot more advantages. Since these are liquid base, they act pretty much like that of the natural eye lens. And, unlike plastic or glass lenses, these won't easily break and will be able to provide better protection.

Another trend that is being explored by many eye experts is the use of contact lenses for the delivery of medication. Here, the lens will be coated with the medication that the patient needs. Since the lens is used directly over the eye, one will find it much easier to get medication. There will be no need for using cumbersome eyedroppers, as he automatically gets the medicine once he puts on the lenses.
cataract surgery - eye care fashion

And though you might not see them soon, smarter contact lenses are actually now on their way. These lenses feature tiny micro-sensors embedded in them. These sensors monitor the various activities of the eye and its condition as the wearer is using the lens. They can then gather up all the data and send it to eye specialists.

And if you think that contact lenses are the only ones getting a major makeover, you will be surprised to find out that the lowly eyeglasses and sunglasses are know becoming even better also. One particularly recent innovation is the development of chemically treated eyeglass lenses that automatically change in color depending on the amount of sunlight hitting them. This means that you don't have to carry several pairs anymore, as your glasses change depending on your needs.

On the other hand, the latest development in eye examination will surely be welcomed by many patients. More sophisticated means of measuring the eye will mean more accurate determination of eye condition and better prescription/ also, as production improves, one can expect better eyewear that not only meet the user's need, but will also conform to his preferences.

Though many of these technologies are still in the early stages of development, the rate at which they are being made means that you can get them sooner than you think.

We still didn't forgot about the classic eye creams right?. Even though most of them are on a great competition of who's the best and what not, they still give us one of the best eye care remedy. Eye wrinkle creams, serums and gels which has been with us for all these years is one classic of good medications.

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Good news to those who wear contact lens. I got interested when I read about the smarter contact lens that has a tiny micro-sensor on it. Feels like we're in some sort of sci-fi movie. Hope it will be available soon.

Anyway, going back to the liquid base lenses. You mentioned that this liquid base lens has the same effects as plastic and glass lenses which are being used for treating eye problems. What about the complications? I've learned from an expert that excessive wear of contact lens may affect the eyelid, conjunctiva and the surface of the eye. Would it be the same case in wearing this liquid base lens? Hope it's not. And I'll be happy to see some responses to these questions.

By the way, if you are looking for an eye expert, I have a website that I came across with. Here's the link to optometrist Indianapolis IN. You might find them helpful.

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